Are you just starting out on your ecommerce business? or just looking for a way to increase conversions? Then you will love our collection of Must Have Woocommerce Plugins that will help you boost your ecommerce conversions. The best part is they are all FREE! Let us know if you got a plugin that should be added on the list by commenting below.

1) Abandoned Cart Lite

This free and handy plugin can recover potential customer’s abandoned carts by sending emails to both guest and member customers of your website. Since so many of potential customers leave your site without making any purchases, this amazing plugin works as a great tool to retrieve those would-be customers into actual customers by a whopping percentage of 30%. That’s a large number of sales you’d be losing if you don’t have a plugin such as this one. There are quite a few different things that this awesome plugin entails, other than recovering sales, making it even more of a must-have free plugin.

With Abandoned Cart Lite, it not only sends automated emails to potential customers, but it also allows for the admin to set the time at which these email are sent. For example, the automated email could be sent out after a few hours when the cart is abandoned. This plugin also allows for the potential customers to retrieve their carts in only one click. It makes the entire process of recovering important revenue extremely easy and straightforward. The fact that this plugin is free is even more worth the time spent with it. This free plugin is highly recommended for those using Woocommerce.



2) AfterShip

This great free plugin allows for the admin and customer to see the shipment and tracking information on the orders. This is an essential Woocommerce extension to have because you are able to not only improve customer satisfaction and experience, you’re able to see and address those shipments that have resulted in certain error. While supporting over 360 shipment carriers, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS, you and your customers are better able to establish a strengthened relationship through excellent customer experience. This plugin is definitely an essential for all Woocommerce users, as it assists in delivering overall customer satisfaction.

AfterShip allows for the admin to access all of the current order statuses in a simple and accessible place. You can see orders that are shipping, shipped, in process, or orders that have shipped at an incorrect location or any other error that might have taken place. This plugin is another highly recommended one due to its convenience and overall usefulness it can be of for ecommerce business owners. Also, be sure to check out AfterShip premium as it offers notifications of delivery statuses to customers. When using this feature, it can attribute to the amount of customer satisfaction as well, making for more returning customers.



3) Currency Switcher

For those Woocommerce business owners that are not central to one area of currencies, it’s important to have a plugin like this one that will allow for customers to see the values in their specific currencies. This awesome quality plugin does just that by adding additional currencies to your website and allowing customers out of your currency range to better access your products. It features automatic updates on currency exchange rates, currency exchange options by country or language, a variety of different currency switcher placements, and more. For those broadened Woocommerce users, this plugin is definitely a must-have.Currency Switcher also allows for the admin to choose whether or not they want to install by widget or shortcodes.

It outperforms other currency switcher plugins by being one of the most highly rated, by performing accessibly and easily at no cost. The best part about this particular plugin is that its shortcodes are extremely high functioning, not slowing down the user’s website while still performing at its best. Check out this essential free plugin that allows more customers (and revenue) to access your Woocommerce website.



4) FB Messenger Live Chat

This awesome plugin for Woocommerce allows for you to have a better communication method with your customers. The live chat includes not only a free way to converse with customers, it comes with various promotional tools that are also free. These tools include a promo bar, social buttons, and notification boxes. The promo bar can be used for things like new product arrival and sales. The social buttons allow for customers to follow you on your various social media profiles, and notification boxes promote products to your customers. So not only are you able to establish communication with customers, you could potentially attract more.

This is an extremely credited plugin due to its straightforward design and fully customizable accessibility, no need for any coding. It works very responsively without slowing down your website, making it a great alternative to any other direct communication method that is otherwise not. You can also check out the premium features like the email capture popup to collect new subscribers, the simple popup to promote sales and products, and the social coupon, which offers discounts to new subscribers. These and more features are included in the premium 14-day free trial as well. Be sure to check this one out.



5) OneSignal Push Notifications

This awesome push notification tool allows for you to be able to completely customize how and when notifications are sent to visitors after they’ve opted-in to receive these notifications. This plugin is super easy to use and comes with everything you need to convert visitors to customers. You can customize notifications to be scheduled or automatic, sending notifications to subscribers who have visited your website, by sending them at a certain time after they’ve left your site. You can also see real-time analytics that show your notifications being delivered and which visitors turn into customers.

You can even customize how to send notifications based on a person’s time zone or the amount of times an individual has visited your website. With this, you can better target which potential customers are more likely to make purchases on your site, resulting in even more consequential revenue. The customizable assets to this great plugin don’t stop there though. You can customize opt-in setting that entail exactly how people can see your notifications. You may also use the A/B testing feature, which you can use to send emails to a beginning small amount of people to see which emails are most effective. This is another essential free plugin to give a go.



6) Product Time Countdown

This kind of tool can be essential in selling more products by creating a countdown for a specific product that might be limited edition or discounted for a limited time. A large majority of  ecommerce business owners use this exact method in order to produce more sales, and it’s an understandably great way to do so. With Product Time Countdown, it allows for you to do the same effectively and very easily. This free plugin features many customizable tools you cam use in order to create the perfect product countdown. These things include being able to choose where to position the pop-up and what color and font it is.

You may choose to place the countdown at the very top of a page, the bottom, or add a shortcode in any given area that you choose. You can customize the background color and font, as well as an added fade-in trait that can attract more attention from visitors. The plugin also includes the following action you choose to include after the countdown has finished, like redirecting to a different page or sending an email to customers. Product Time Countdown is a great way to attract more sales as well.



7) Ryviu

This free plugin is not only a reviewing tool, it also is very helpful in regards to keeping your website spam-free with certain features included like email verification for visitors who’ve subscribed to your site. No business wants to be full of spam, and this plugin is great for keeping spam from your website. Ryviu also features the ability to see real-time tracking of visitors who have viewed or reviewed products. Visitors can review and respond to other reviews by liking and disliking other people’s reviews, easily. You can also respond to customer’s reviews, allowing for more direct communication within your business website.

Ryviu is another great source of conversions for websites by making their overall appearance to visitors more attractive by less to no spam and accessibility. With this tool, you’re better able to allow your customers to respond to your business and products, as well as being able to be more personable with them. You can customize and edit certain additions to your theme with the advanced settings feature as well. Ryviu is also SEO-friendly, allowing for even more customers and visitors to gravitate toward your ecommerce business. It’s definitely another great, easy, and free plugin that all Woocommerce users should experience.



8) WooBought Lite

With this specific plugin, you can let visitors know that your products are active and readily purchased, allowing more credibility toward your service or products. These non-intrusive notifications let people see recent purchased items from your store, inspiring them to do the same for those exact products. The products that customers buy also allow for extra visibility for those products bought recently. This is another awesome free plugin tool that promotes your brand further, as well as sales and conversions.

WooBought Lite features easily customizable notification settings like the background and font color, text positioning, notification positioning, and waiting period between notifications. You can even see a sample version of your notification before publishing. This plugin is extremely lightweight and won’t hinder your website at all, functioning as a great tool to convert more sales to visitors. You should also be sure to check out the pro version that entails more customizing options such as excluding specific pages from the notifications, showing and hiding certain information within the notification like buyer name and date, toggle timestamps, more display and layout options, as well as being able to change notification timing settings. Be sure to give this great free plugin a chance.



9) WooCommerce Customizer

For those seeking a better and easier alternative to the standard Woocommerce customizing tools, this plugin is definitely for you. It offers an easier way to customize layout, font, labels, and more without having to write any sort of coding. This free plugin is useful for those who do not want to bloat their ecommerce websites with heavy and hindering manual coding. It offers great features like the ‘Add to Cart’ button font, sales badge font, how many products are displayed per page, and a lot more. This one is a staple for every ecommerce business owner.

You can customize the text for product descriptions and information tabs, as well as the checkout page buttons like ‘Submit Order’, ‘Create Account’, and the coupon or login buttons. With this tool, you’re able to be more hands-on with your ecommerce website and you’re able to customize everything you need to look to your and your customer’s liking. The best part of this tool is that it’s extremely straightforward and easy to use, substituting for limited Woocommerce customizing. It’s free so be sure to install this great customizing plugin to make your website stand out and be presentable to visitors and customers.



10) WooCommerce Direct Checkout

This free and highly rated plugin is aimed to make the checkout process better and simpler for your customers, promoting buyers who will be back. The simplicity and performance in this specific plugin is greater than that of many other similar plugins that aren’t free, due to the fact that it has proven to lead to more purchases from the same customers after using it. WooCommerce features things like adding or discontinuing certain options at the checkout page that make the checkout something they’d want to do again due to the simplicity and appeasement of it.

In this plugin, you can enable and disable the direct checkout option, add the ‘Continue Shopping’ option, as well as the ability to change the ‘Add to Cart’ option into any text you desire. This tool is essential for those business owners that aim to make the buying process an easy thing for your valued customers. It allows and implements its revolving around simplicity to make buyers desire to come back to your store, as many customers can tend to stray away from places that make checking-out a hassle. Without this amazing free plugin, you could be losing buyers that would otherwise be long-term.



11) YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

In order to increase product revenue, a big part plays in how accessible your website it. From customizing to easy checkout options, your website needs to not only look appealing, but function accordingly. This free plugin contributes a great source of quality access to your products for visitors to see. Your customers will now be able to further inspect the products, which can attribute to more sales if your products are seemingly great upon high-quality magnified inspection. This plugin works extremely well and promotes professionalism within your website, so it’s a definite must-have for all.

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier features mouseover zoom, customizable area of the magnified image, the option to enable and disable on mobile devices, ability to add slider thumbnails, and more. So, not only does it include the ability to mouseover zoom images, it also includes a gallery of added images to the bottom of your product. With this tool, you’re able to better the accessibility to your products and promote sales with an excellent source of that in-person review. This free plugin for Woocommerce should be thoroughly taken advantage of by every ecommerce business owner, and should be put to use in order to achieve great conversions.



12)  Woo Social Media Marketing

The time spent simply promoting a product or business through social media can be tremendous if done manually. In order to save time, you could invest in a social media manager or hire someone else akin to do it for you. If you want to save time and money, installing Woo Social Media Marketing is a great and free alternative to both of the latter. This plugin posts to all of your connected social media accounts for you so that you can spend your time focusing solely on your customers, This one is essential for people who need to save as much given time possible.

Woo Social Media Marketing features things like the day or week planner, which you can manage by creating the content you want posted for you for an entire day or week in a few simple steps. You can still have added traffic without having to work for it. This plugin also features a post schedule, where you can edit your new or upcoming posts to be sent out to your social media accounts. An image gallery is included as well, where you can create collages or images of your products that you want to be posted. Find out more and install this one as soon as possible.



13) WooCommerce Multilingual – Run Woocommerce With WPML

This is another great free plugin for broadened multilingual ecommerce sites that fully functions as a method to translating product languages. In order to access a more widened scope of people that visit your website, it’s important that you have some sort of high-functioning translation installation that will ensure your product reaches them. This plugin is not only a great source of conversions, it’s also attributing to the overall personable aspect of your site that customers like. If you’re someone who needs an extra conversion tool, this one is certainly a great Woocommerce translation tool.

WooCommerce Multilingual features certain key aspects like being able to translate all given products to certain languages, or a few, and the language will stay the same all throughout the visitor’s time on your website. It also features inventory tracking and enables a variety of currencies used within your business. The installation and setup are both extremely easy, making this plugin a no-brainer for Woocommerce users that want to establish a translation method within their store. WooCommerce Multilingual is a great currency and language translator for all Woocommerce sites.



14) YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

People who have the access to share their individual wishlists across the social media platform guarantee more buyers and revenue for business owners behind them. In order to be able to create and share wishlists on your site, installing an awesome free plugin like YITH WooCommerce Wishlist promotes more direct and indirect sales from your store. If you’re looking to make more conversions during the holiday season, this one is certainly the best free plugin to use with your Woocommerce website. Not only does it convert sales, it does it in an extremely easy way for you.

This plugin allows you to include a direct link on any product page that will automatically add that specific product to a person’s wishlist. Just like any other wishlist, the plugin allows for customers to manage them by buying the added items or discarding them at the click of a button. This type of plugin is unimaginably useful during the holiday season, but can be expedited year-round to create conversions from birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, etc. This free Woocommerce wishlist plugin lets you create more conversions to your site in another great and common method used by many others.



15) Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin by XAdapter

The world of discounts and pricing can be a tricky one when it comes to benefitting from discounts on certain products within your store. While discounts do attract sales, too many discounts or discounts that are too high in percentage amount can attribute to losses within your ecommerce business. Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin by XAdapter offers a great and free way to automatically manage these product discounts and prices so that you end up benefitting from them most in the long run. This is another great way to promote conversions and keep profit instilled in your store.

This marketing strategy plugin features things like options to set rules on specific products based on quantity or weight, as well as a variety of different discount variation, like percentage discounts or flat discounts. You can easily determine which products and how much should be discounted, as well as how they’ll be discounted. Within this plugin, you can also choose which category of products will be discounted. You’ll now be able to access the most out of your profits with the most of simplicity and ease. Also try the pro version for additional great features.